Angel Leigh




  • Metaype Human
  • Age Young (22)
  • Service Legwork
  • Preferred Payment Cash (hard currency)
  • Hobbies/Vices Personal groomig
  • Personal Life None of your damn business
  • Location Touristville


B 3 A 4 R 3 S 3 W 4 L 3 I 3 C 5 ESS 6 EDG 2

LIMITS Physical 4, Mental 5, Social 7

ACTIVE SKILLS Etiquette 6 (Street +2), Intimidation 5, Longarms 4 (Shotguns +2), Negotiation 5, Pistols 4, Unarmed Combat 4

KNOWLEDGE SKILLS Alcohol 6, Media Stars 5, Sports 6, Street Rumors 6, Trivia 6

LANGUAGES English N, Spanish 4



Angel Leigh serves drinks at Ohms. She also serves as counselor and crying shoulder to nearly everyone who comes into her joint. She sees and hears just about everything, which is why it’s so very important to make her acquaintance and make her tip jar a little heavier.

Angel know everyone, so she’ll be able to let you know who hasn’t been in for a while, whose kid has run away from home this time, whose wife is screwing some other guy—just about anything you might need to know. She can also connect you to the local rumor mill, and she might have something juicy that one of her clients let slip in a haze of gin and tonic.

She can guide newbies to suppliers of a variety of goods and services. It’ll all cost you, of course—sometimes straight-up cred, sometimes a round for the house to keep the good will flowing. She’s known for his discretion, however. She won’t just spill to anyone without a really good reason. Like we said, it’ll cost you … but it’s usually worth it to keep Angel (and sometimes her other customers) happy.


Angel Leigh

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