Father Scanlan

Catholic Priest



  • Metatype Human
  • Age Old (58)
  • Service Support
  • Preferred Payment Service (shadowrunner job)
  • Hobbies/Vices Nothing of interest or use
  • Personal Life Single
  • Location Touristville


B 3 A 3 R 3 S 2 W 4 L 4 I 5 C 5 ESS 6 EDG 2

LIMITS Physical 5, Mental 6, Social 7

ACTIVE SKILLS Computers 2, Etiquette 4, Leadership 5, Negotiation 4, Performance 3

KNOWLEDGE SKILLS Magic Theory 4, Music 4, Religion 8

LANGUAGES English N, Spanish 3



You always need someone to talk to just to get things off your chest. Maybe you question why you are shooting people in the face for money and want some sort of sign or guidance. Father Scanlan can give you that help. Maybe not everything can be worked out, but if you are trying to kick the habit, he’s got your back.


Father Scanlan

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