Johnny Dredd



  • Metatype Human (Ghoul)
  • Age Young (26)
  • Service Swag
  • Preferred Payment Barter (organs/cybernetics)
  • Hobbies/Vices Gambling
  • Personal Life Single
  • Location Redmond


B 4 A 3 R 3 S 4 W 3 L 2 I 3 C 2 ESS 6 EDG 2

LIMITS Physical 5, Mental 4, Social 4

ACTIVE SKILLS Biotechnology 4, Cybertechnology 4, Medicine 3, Pistols 3, Sneaking 4, Unarmed Combat 4

KNOWLEDGE SKILLS Anatomy 2, Parazoology 2


POWERS Armor +1, Dual Natured, Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Smell), Natural Weapon (Bite: DV 5P, AP –1, –1 Reach), Natural Weapon (Claws: DV 5P, AP –1).

WEAKNESSES Allergy (Sunlight, Moderate), Dietary Requirement (Metahuman Flesh), Reduced Senses (Blind).



Johnny changed his name and dropped out of med school when he became infected. He worked the street doc line for a few years until rumors that he was eating those who died on his table started to spread. He swears up and down to this day that he never even snacked.

But even with his solemn word given, his practice was ruined. So after his street doc business dried up, he started working for Tanamous. The organleggers appreciated his talents more anyway. He’s been with Tanamous for a few years now, and has gained some respect among the organization.

And if you need cheap or used bio or cyber ware, Johnny Dredd’s the ghoul you call up. Just be prepared to offer him something in exchange.


Johnny Dredd

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