Summer Glade



  • Metatype Ork
  • Age Young (23)
  • Service Support
  • Preferred Payment Barter (items for her profession)
  • Hobbies/Vices Social habits (smoking)
  • Personal Life None of your damn business
  • Location Touristville


B 6 A 5 R 5 S 5 W 4 L 3 I 3 C 2 ESS 6 EDG 1

LIMITS Physical 7, Mental 5, Social 5

ACTIVE SKILLS Clubs 3, Etiquette 4 (Media +2), Leadership 4, Negotiation 3, Performance 3 (Acting +2), Running 3, Stealth skill group 2

KNOWLEDGE SKILLS Seattle Sprawl 3, Local Gangs 3, Safehouses 3, Street Rumors 3

LANGUAGES English N, Or’zet 3



Always fighting for equal rights, Summer travels around to bring light on vital issues and shame to those denying rights to their fellow metahuman.

Summer knows people in various positions that can help her get around security, knows where to set up a protest, or get critical information out there. Like-minded shadowrunners can exploit such information for their own ends, provided they fund the cause. Based on their relationship, Summer may be able to put together a protest as a distraction to other activities.


Summer Glade

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