Thomas Hardy



  • Metatype Troll
  • Age Young (24)
  • Service Legwork
  • Preferred Payment Service (free-labor jobs)
  • Hobbies/Vices Gambling (cards)
  • Personal Life Family Man
  • Location Seattle-SSC Border


B 8 A 3 R 5 S 5 W 3 L 3 I 5 C 3 ESS 6 EDG 1

LIMITS Physical 8, Mental 5, Social 5

ACTIVE SKILLS Intimidation 3, Longarms 3 (Long-Range Shots +2), Perception 5, Survival 2, Tracking 4

KNOWLEDGE SKILLS Botany 3 (Edible Wild Plants +2), Border Security 5, Geology 3 (Terrain +2)

LANGUAGES English N, Salish 4



Every nation hires officers to keep the riffraff from other countries from commingling with their own riffraff. Thomas has access to scanned SINs and can check on their authenticity. He is also physically on duty watching the Seattle-SSC border.

Besides the intel on who’s who moving in or out of a nation, he could also do someone a favor by helping them cross the very border he’s supposed to be guarding.


Thomas Hardy

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