Tiffani Gold




B 3 A 4 R 3 S 3 W 4 L 3 I 3 C 6 ESS 6 EDG 2

LIMITS Physical 5, Mental 5, Social 7

ACTIVE SKILLS Artisan 3 (Writing +2), Computers 4, Etiquette 3 (Media +2), Perception 3

KNOWLEDGE SKILLS Local Decker Bars 3, Local Restaurants 3, Sports 3, Street Rumors 3

LANGUAGES English N, Sperethiel 3



Ranting and raving on the Matrix is nothing new. Tiffani Gold shares photos, audio clips, and text from her grid subscription as she mingles with her public and basks in her adoring (though occasionally angry) glow.

Subscriptions to dancing cats or lists of what’s for dinner are cute and all, but some people are talented enough to find the right words and images to create a following. They are rarely anonymous and mostly harmless in what they do, but they can influence some opinions.

Depending on the following, you can ask Tiffani if any of her subscribers can help. In the vast wasteland of Matrix entertainment, it’s always possible that someone knows something.


Tiffani Gold

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