"Trusty" Tom Bradley

Used Car Salesman



  • Metatype Human
  • Age Middle-aged (42)
  • Service Swag
  • Preferred Payment Cash (credstick)
  • Hobbies/Vices Drinking
  • Personal Life Single
  • Location Touristville


B 3 A 3 R 3 S 3 W 4 L 3 I 3 C 4 ESS 6 EDG 2

LIMITS Physical 4, Mental 5, Social 6

ACTIVE SKILLS Automotive Mechanic 3, Con 5, Etiquette 4 (Street +2), Negotiation 6, Perception 3

KNOWLEDGE SKILLS Cars 4, Grid Guide 4, Street Rumors 4

LANGUAGES English N, Spanish 2



Trusty Tom has all kinds of used, anonymous vehicles for you to buy or rent. He has the charm of a low-budget trid star and can make you believe that you are getting a great deal.

Careful, though, as he is a master of selling a sow’s ear as a silk purse. Hot cars are not a problem—just slap on a new coat of paint and switch grid IDs. He doesn’t remember faces too well unless they owe him money, but he never forgets a car.


"Trusty" Tom Bradley

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