B 18, A 7, R 10, S 40, W 9 L 8, I 9, C 10, ESS 10, EDG 6, M 14, G 8

LIMITS Physical 36, Mental 11, Social 12

ACTIVE SKILLS Arcana 10, Assensing 14, Blades (Swords +2) 9, Computer 4, Conjuring skill group 12, Counterspelling 12, Etiquette (Street +2) 9, Exotic Ranged Weapon 12, Flight 12, Intimidation 8, Negotiation (Bargaining +2) 9, Perception 12, Pilot Ground Craft (Bike +2) 4, Pistols (Revolvers +2) 3, Running 10, Sorcery skill group 14, Unarmed Combat 12

KNOWLEDGE SKILLS Business (Finance +2) 8, Economics 8, Nightclubs (Seattle +2) 5, Seattle Knowledge (Redmond +2) 5, Seattle Street Gangs (Redmond +2) 5, Seattle Organized Crime (Smugglers +2) 5

LANGUAGES English 6, German 6, Lakota 6, Latin 4, Or’zet 6, Salish 6, Sperethiel 6

POWERS Armor 18H (physical)/8H (mystical), Dragonspeech, Dual Natured, Elemental Attack (Fire), Enhanced Senses (Smell, Influence, Low-Light Vision, Thermographic Vision, Wide-Band Hearing), Natural Weapon [Bite/Claws: DV (STR+2) P, AP –4], Reach +2, Sapience




big-blue-die.png Disclaimer: All attribute and skill ratings presented here are a rough estimate. Like most Great Dragons, Urubia’s abilities are beyond the human scale of knowledge, and this may not be representative of her true capabilities. Proceed with extreme caution when here there be dragons.



The dragon that calls herself The Crimson Queen was unknown until 2045. In the intervening years since, Urubia has acquired a SIN whose records were largely lost in the Crash of ’64, acquired something like a thousand square kilometers of valuable land in the area surrounding Seattle, formed alliances with the Crimson Crush and the Spikes, and taken up residence in a low-income housing complex in Redmond, Seattle.

It should be noted that Urubia might object to calling the people who share her building “followers.” She does not claim to lead anything, and what appears to be her organization has no formal name. But there are at least one hundred metahumans, almost all Awakened, living in the floors below her and each and every one of them has the air of a soldier willing to do whatever she commands.



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