Fake SINs & Licenses


The foundation of an identity in the Sixth World is the System Identification Number (SIN). If someone wanted to divide the world into two groups of people, it could be done by saying there are those who have a SIN and those who don’t. A SIN is issued to a person at birth, and stays with them (baring exceptional circumstances) for the rest of their life. A SIN identifies a person in the global information system and is attached to every piece of information associated with them in the Matrix. No aspect of modern or legal life can function without a SIN. Those who don’t have one can’t get a job, can’t buy food, can’t even walk down the street. To the system, these people don’t exist.

Fake_SIN_Details.PNG For those without the privilege (or curse) of being born with a SIN, there is very little choice in how they can live. You either get issued a real SIN after birth (which requires an act of government—good luck with that!), live your life on the outside (which most choose to do), or get yourself a fake SIN.

A low Rating SIN consists of only the most basic information—such as the SIN number itself. Related information such as biometric data will likely be missing or obviously false if checked (“Hey, this is the DNA of a chicken …”). Other issues may be the consistency, or fit, of the identity to the individual. If a runner just needs an identity—any identity—right now, they may end up purchasing a SIN

Higher Rating, and thus more expensive, fake SINs have been lovingly crafted over time with a great deal of attention to detail. An identity will be chosen that matches the age and nationality of the person purchasing it, and it will have plausible supporting information such as travel and purchasing history. Biometric data associated with a high-Rating SIN will be from a real person with the same sex and nationality as the purchaser with (if the extra fee is paid) matching organic samples available (blood, skin cells, hair—just don’t ask where they came from).

License_Details.PNG A basic SIN allows a person to function within the most basic parameters of the law. If a person wants to operate outside these very confining strictures, they need special permission in the form of a license. What actions or items require a license vary widely with the laws of the country, but there are some common similarities. Acquiring a license (legally) is, again, dependent on the laws of the country. For the most part, acquiring a license involves making an application, paying some sort of fee, a SIN check, and possibly passing one or more certification, testing, or training programs. Government bureaucracies are notoriously slow and frustrating.



big-blue-die.png For availability and prices of purchasing Fake SINs and licenses, see SR5 Core, 443.



Fake SINs & Licenses

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