Essential Street Gear


What essential gear should a character consider buying?

Arrow.png Weapons (Melee, Ranged), p. 421
Arrow.png Ammunition, p. 433
Arrow.png Clothing and Armor, p. 436
Arrow.png Cyberware/bioware, p. 451
Arrow.png Commlink, p. 438
Arrow.png Fake SINs, fake licenses, p. 442
Arrow.png Cyberdeck, p. 439
Arrow.png Programs, p. 243
Arrow.png Tools, p. 443
Arrow.png Breaking and entering tools, p. 447
Arrow.png Surveillance equipment, p. 443
Arrow.png Lifestyle, p. 373
Arrow.png Vehicle(s), p. 461
Arrow.png Drones (usually owned by riggers), p. 461
Arrow.png Biotech, p. 450
Arrow.png Disguises, p. 443
Arrow.png Sensors and sensory enhancements, p. 443
Arrow.png Magical goods (foci, ritual materials, alchemical preparations, etc.), p. 316
Arrow.png Certified credstick(s) (for extra cash), p. 442
Arrow.png DocWagon Contract, p. 450




Essential Street Gear

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