Current Events

Sunday, June 5th, 2078


Black Mondays—the Anarchist Black Cross provides free clinics and medical care in Redmond on the first and third Monday of every month
The 1st and the 15th—Military pay days; Monthly
Fashion Week—a celebration thrown on Vashon Island heralding each of the fashion industry’s seasonal releases; Spring = first week of February, Summer = first week of May, Fall = first week of August, WInter = first week of November
Super Brawl Sunday—the final Urban Brawl clash of the season, January 16th
The Night of Rage—one of the most politically-charged dates in the past decades, marking the anniversary of the single greatest anti-metahuman riot of all time; February 7th, 2039
Chinese New Year—February 12th (Year of the Earth Dog)
Snohomish Spring Fest—a celebration of the vernal equinox, popular with druids, witches, and shamans in Seattle; March 13th—March 27th
Petrowski Farms appreciation—Petrowski Farms hosts a spring celebration, giving away free vegetables to guests; April 15th
Emerald City Music Festival—the biggest event in Seattle outside of New Year’s Eve; June 3rd-June 5th


Current Events

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