When your life is on the line, DocWagon is on the way.

Corporate Status: AA
World Headquarters: Atlanta, CAS
President: Thomas Abston, M.D.
CEO: Anderson Gentry
Major Divisions: North America, South America, Europe, PanAsia
Notable Subsidiaries: DocWagon Clinics, DocWagon Industries, Tactical Medicine Solutions Inc, Apex Pharmaceuticals

Founded in 2037, DocWagon is the world’s first, largest, and most renowned armed medical response corporation. While their primary profit center remains delivery of subscription-based armed medical response, DocWagon also owns and operates a system of urgent-care clinics with a presence in most urban population centers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. In addition, through a system of subsidiaries, most notably DocWagon Industries, the corporation is active in a wide range of research and development pursuits; including medtech, augmentation, and pharmaceuticals.



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