Getting Paid


Dough, bread, bluebacks, moola, dinero, shekels, lucre. Doesn’t matter what you call it, we all need it. Unless you’re some corporate prole living in a tincan shack put up on the Triple-A dime, selling your votes for a set of flats, nutrisoy and a good trid set, that is. And if you’re running the shadows, keeping up with the bleeding edge (because you can be damned sure your opposition will be), life just got that much more expensive.

Worldwide, the Nuyen has become the preeminent currency used in any business transaction, although the UCAS Dollar (“blueback”) and the Euro remain in circulation and close behind in popularity.

Here’s some ways to get paid in the Sixth World…

Arrow.png Cred: Cred is wirelessly transferred between commlinks, or from commlink to certified credstick. Electronic transfers are also traceable and cred accounts can be tampered with. But they are ubiquitous in the Sixth World.

Arrow.png Hardcopy: For the shadow crowd, hardcopy currency is often a favorite even if it is frowned upon in polite society. Paper money is rarely circulated in any great frequency, so while it is a relatively anonymous form of transaction, such exchanges may gain undue attention when traveling in certain social circles.

Nuyen 11
Euro 1.5:12
UCAS dollar bill 2:12
Tír ryal 0.9:12
Southeast Asian ringgit 50:12
Atzlan peso 60:12

1 Electronic credit only
2 Hardcopy available

Arrow.png Corpscript: Where certified credsticks are issued by banking institutions, corpscript is a form of IOU issued by the corporate entities of the Sixth World. Corpscript is only accepted as a valid exchange medium by the corporation that issued the ’script; it cannot be used in most day-to-day transactions. But it can be invaluable if one has a good working relationship with corporate officials.

Scrip Rate
Saeder-Krupp 0.8:1
Shiawase 1:1
MCT 1.01:1
Wuxing 3:1
Ares 3.5:1
Evo 5:1
Renraku 10:1
Horizon 15:1
Aztechnology 20:1

And remember, sometimes, being able to call in a favor is worth more than Nuyen can buy.


big-blue-die.png The rules for fencing loot may be found in the Core Rules (p. 418).


Getting Paid

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