Simple Beginnings

Allie___Ketchup.png I was handed this journal and it was suggested that keep track of my personal accomplishments and to write anything I might feel important within the pages. I am not one for using the matrix much so finding pen and ink sometimes might be a challenge. I am not quite sure what this will accomplish in truth, but I was told it would help me grow personally and spiritually. So here I am starting this thing with a bit of trepidation but none the less I am willing to give it a try.

My name is Allison Lightfeather but everyone knows me as Allie. I don’t have much of a story to tell, or least I don’t think so, but either way I suppose I shall start from the beginning. I was born in Everett Seattle on May 4, 2058. I never got to know my birth mother, because she died during childbirth, leaving me to be raised by my father. My father was an engineer for a small private aeronautics firm until the crash of 2.0. It was then that everything went bust. My father turned to the bottle to keep him happy and ended up marrying my step mom. But even my step mother became tired of his abuse and left one night just around my tenth birthday. I Never heard from her again. My father turned his anger and rage more toward me at that time and I dealt with the pains and sorrows of having his beatings.

I went to school in Everett without issues until the end of my middle school days. It was then that the mandatory magical aptitude tests were required to be taken. I didn’t think much of it but evidently at that time my father did. He took my test results and disappeared. I waited for him to return, but after a while even the bills stopped coming in and the house was boarded and locked up. I had been evicted. It was then that my life took a different turn.

I made my way to the Redmond district where I began to learn a whole new way of life. I have spent the last four years surviving. I don’t think I could have done it without my companion Ketchup. You see, I found him on a dark cold evening chewing on an old ketchup bottle trying to eat it. He couldn’t have been more than three months old at the time. I have had him at my side for the past three years and hopefully for another ten more.


Maded terriroberts1966

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