Burgled Bulldogs

Robbie_Newton.png Last night, a robbery here in Touristville shook the small businesses of the district.

Bob’s World of Wheels saw several unidentified individuals invade its lot. The security guards present, contracted through Pathfinder Security, have reported that they did not see any of the robbers except one, who wore a hoodie concealing his features. Both of the guards reported a very heavy sense of sleepiness in the presence of the robbers. In fact, they were both found unconscious when the lot opened the next morning. Pathfinder Security detectives are combing the area for magical activity. Electronic surveillance on the scene did not record any details of the robbery, indicating concerted efforts at electronic warfare.

Bob has reported the damages done in the course of the robbery to be in the hundreds of thousands of nuyen, and reports that their security system was fried. Bob is hard at work on dealing with the loss, and repairing it. The most important detail of the robbery that has been given to the public and Knight Errant investigators has been about the item that was stolen. Although it was not a matter of public record at the time, Bob had purchased via Lone Star auction the GMC Bulldog owned by Mad Willlie Tenka, the Crow mass murderer who plagued Touristville last summer.

Robbie Newton • City News Hour
June 2nd, 2078


All of you ’Runners may regain 1 Edge with the successful completion of this robbery.

Good luck with that Bulldog! ;)

Burgled Bulldogs
Maded Maded

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