Helping out a friend

“So hey,” he says. “I’ve got a couple of friends doin’ me a favor, but they need a pickup. Do you think you could go get them for me?”

“Sure,” I says, “What’s the location?”

As if bein’ in the Barrens isn’t bad enough, he’s sendin’ me to the wildest part. There’s critters out there that eat little toys like me. So’s I call up a little backup of my own.

Orion’s a good friend and good with a gun too. That’s the kinda friends you want out in the wild parts of the Barrens. We get to the location to see them dealin’ with a big lizard and a water elemental. It seems like the lizard just went to sleep, so I go for the elemental, which dodges. Orion asks what I want him to do. I tell him to distract the elemental. Next thing I know, there’s the sound of a massive longarm goin’ off. Yep, distracting. Even distracted what counts for security in this area from their normal rounds. Well, I was only told to pick ‘em up. How was I supposed to know they was tryin’ to be all quiet-like. The fighter got rid of the elemental and it was time to load up. I threw the shaman and the indian in the ‘rabbit so’s she could tend to his injuries, the fighter hops on the back of Orion’s bike and I follow on my treads. As we’re headin’ back to saner quarters, Fred says she tried to get fresh. I’m gonna have to watch her around my stuff. (to be cont’d)


Maded Maded

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