Human – 1.8 m tall, 72 kg mass; DOB Nov. 7, 2055

B 2, A 2, R 2, S 2, W 4, L 6, I 4, C 2, ESS 4.4, EDG 5

LIMITS Physical 4, Mental 7, Social 5
Composure 6, Judge Intentions 6, Lifting & Carrying 6, Memory 10
Street Cred 0, Notoriety 0, Public Awareness 0


QUALITIES Gearhead, Steely Eyed Wheelman, Paraplegic, Records on File

ACTIVE SKILLS Engineering Group, Armorer, Automatics, Computer, Con, Etiquette, Hardware, Navigation, Perception, Pilot: Aerospace, Aircraft, Ground Craft, Walker, Watercraft

KNOWLEDGE SKILLS Armoring, Drones, Ground Vehicles, Rigging, Seattle Area Knowledge

LANGUAGES English (N), Japanese, Or’Zet, Russian

AUGMENTATIONS Cyberware: Biowaste Storage, Control Rig, Math SPU, Orientation System, Sony Emperor Commlink

GEAR Certified Credstick – Standard (3), Electronic Parts (5), Tool Kits: Aeronautics, Armorer, Automotive, Industrial, Nautical, Armor Jacket, Ares Crusader II, Ares Sigma-3, Drones: Ares Crawler Drone (Chair), Bust-A-Move – 2nd Gen. (2), Chr/Nis Jackrabbit, MCT Fly-Spy, S-B Microskimmer



Joshua Jackson (SINless) Squatter

Total Karma: 4
Current Karma: 4



Joshua was a typical teenage kid with a healthy passion for mechanics and vehicles from land, to air, to water. Then came the summer of 2071. He didn’t understand that his parents had never registered him for a SIN. Their insurance wouldn’t cover a child. So when their car was hit by a stray bullet from a nearby gang war, killing dad instantly, the crash killed mom and left Joshua paralyzed from the waist down. They had prepared for him, however, by having an account set up by a friend to receive any payouts for insurance and death benefits. This account is the only thing that allowed him to become what he is now. He couldn’t afford to get the vehicle control rig and use of his legs, so he opted for the one that would benefit him most in the long run. Dr. Joshi is the one who did all the work on Joshua and has kept tabs on him ever since. Though his parents worked for Ares, by not registering him, the corp couldn’t officially recognize him, but a coworker arranged for the company to ‘overlook’ the results of the insurance and death benefits payouts. However, the company does have the records on file of the accident and all related information. As Ares had been his parents’ life and benefactors, he has maintained a loyalty to the corp out of habit and a vague gratitude.



Loyalty 5 Loyalty 3 Loyalty 3



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