The dragon Urubia lives in Redmond. She has interests all over Seattle and beyond, but her lair is in Central Redmond. It used to be four sixteen-story low-income apartment towers, but Urubia transformed them, along with neighborhood, into a neutral campus for Seattle’s criminal element. Three of the towers function as apartments and offices, with the top three floors of each being large, open space areas, reinforced to hold great weight.

The fourth tower is the Funhouse. Urubia has her lair on the top four floors, and the lower ten floors house hundreds of metahumans, mostly Awakened. The two floors below Urubia’s lair and the apartments offer every form of wild, wicked, or wanton activity. Rumors suggest metahuman trafficking, but no one has ever objected to being in Urubia’s service. Even stranger, Urubia seems almost addicted to being around these metahumans she has collected.



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